Merry Christmas!

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:57 AM
Just thought I'd wish everyone in Bloggerland a very merry Christmas! In particular (Christopher gave me this idea from his Christmas post) I'd like to wish the following bloggers a very merry Christmas:
  • Ciaran Hamilton - Hope you have a great Christmas over on your side of the “pond.” Thanks for all the interesting stuff you post on your blog.
  • Kevin Hartwig - Merry Christmas Kevin… my day is certainly not complete without my dose of Sakamuyo. :-)
  • Christopher - Last, but not least, Happy Christmas to you “Mr. Wright.” Thanks for the idea of wishing my blog friends a merry Christmas, and for your ever interesting blog. And, also for wading through my sometime techno-jabber filled blog. ;-)
Have a blessed Christmas everyone!
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RE: Merry Christmas!

Thanks, Tim! Hope your Christmas was blessed, as well.

Posted by kevin - Dec 26, 2002 | 5:09 PM- Location:

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