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By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:21 AM

For the first time, my blog is being hit by blog spam. Since my blog requires a confirmation to post, I think it is fairly unfriendly to the average stupid spam bot, but someone has been on here posting generic posts of anti-Bush quotes over the last few days. If that person reads this, I do consider “boiler plate” comments — those written to go anywhere and everywhere and not specifically in response to this blog — a form of spam, and I will take the necessary measures with your ISP to put an end to this if you do not cease immediately (yes, I have logged you).

Don't play games with me.

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RE: Blog Spam

Go get ‘em.

Posted by Christopher - Oct 16, 2004 | 3:49 PM- Location: MO

RE: Blog Spam

At least the spam I saw was on topic.  :)

Posted by kevin - Oct 16, 2004 | 8:59 PM- Location:

RE: Blog Spam

On topic spam? :-)

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Oct 16, 2004 | 10:36 PM- Location: MO

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