Debate #3

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:21 AM

Well, I was out tonight so I listened to part of the debate on the radio and then watched all of it (courtesy of DishPlayer DVR) as soon as I got home. Using both forms of media, I felt that President Bush was clearly in the lead with both his answers — which were strong — and the clear feeling that came through of President Bush's conviction and warmth. In fact, I think the President magnified the excellent qualities he showed people in the second debate in this third debate. Unlike Sen. Kerry's “I have a plan” statements, the President laid out a smart, sensible plan to every issue he was asked about tonight.

I must say I'm disappointed, if CNN/Gallop/USA Today snap poll is correct, that people said Kerry won 52-39. I just cannot imagine this. Kerry dodged so many issues that President Bush hit head on.

In particular, I'd note that Kerry continues to dodge where he is going to get two new army divisions and his view of the draft. I am increasingly becoming convinced that a vote for Sen. Kerry (or any other candidate besides Bush — at least in swing states where it really matters — since that would encourage a Kerry win) is a vote to reinstate a draft. This is something that is not being covered enough, but it is Democrats that have recently been trying to start the draft back up. It is the Democrats that have, after sponsoring bills in the House and the Senate to reinstate the draft, who have been trying to tack the idea of the draft on the President — completely unreasonably and completely false.

The president, on the other hand, offers a common sense plan to bring troops back to the U.S. from Europe and parts of Korea where they are not needed as much, so that we can maintain an all volunteer army (the best kind, especially in these tough times when we need a smart, willing army). This is the way to win the war on terror and to make America safer.

We need four more years of the strong leadership of our President. I fear four years of John Kerry.

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