Wictory Wednesday

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:37 PM

Normally, I make Wictory Wednesdays share the spotlight of another post. I thought I'd give it a post of its own today. So, how about helping out Dubya? There are lots of ways you can help, not the least being to blog about the nasty hit job CBS News attempted on our president last week. While I'd “Rather” talk about a nicer subject, I have been too silent on this despicable case of irresponsible journalism. It does not surprise me. You can follow the latest on that at Drudge.

Let's make it so that this backfires. Not by blaming it on Kerry — something I'd be loathe to do — but to make people see that “they” are attacking the President unfairly for a simple reason: his policies are popular with Americans and are good, for the most part, for America. Let's also let the media know it is time to drop Vietnam investigations on both candidates and worry about today. Both President Bush and Sen. Kerry appear to have served honorably, neither to the extent of many (although Kerry more so than Bush, perhaps). This provides little (or no) assistance in understanding their leadership abilities.

Another way you can help this Wictory Wednesday is to help give Tom Daschle a demotion this year, one that takes him all the way out of Washington, D.C. It is to late to donate to the President's campaign, so why not donate to John Thune, Daschle's challenger, instead? Apparently Mr. Thune is presently leading Daschle but is being out spent by a long shot — let's help bring an end to Daschles attempts to dash President Bush's attempts to get stuff done.

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