The MySQL License Question

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 3:34 PM

MySQL AB's namesake database is a package that many would list among the crown jewels of Free Software. The Swedish company's database has been deployed over five million times by the company's own count. Yet, some, quite legitimately wonder if certain wording on the MySQL site might indicate the company is backing away from Free Software, and the GNU General Public License. We (OfB) wanted to know, so I contacted MySQL AB, the FSF and others to find out; read what I found at

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RE: The MySQL License Question

Yeah. That’s about as clear now is it was before. Not because you wrote it, but because I didn’t see where they had said anything clear and precise. I think they naturally want the money, so they won’t tell you straight out you don’t need a license. At the same time, their whole claim to fame is that a really good database is free to all, and thus in line to be the the standard.

Posted by Ed Hurst - Aug 14, 2004 | 10:25 AM- Location: Rural SE Texas

RE: The MySQL License Question

I think the only thing that helped was that they admitted they weren’t adding requirements to the license, nor were they planning to sue anyone. If someone feels they are following the GPL confidently, it doesn’t matter what the MySQL AB site says on the issue, essentially.

I would have preferred a bit more clarity, though.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Aug 14, 2004 | 1:26 PM- Location: MO

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