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By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:00 AM

Hey everyone! Ciaran updated his excellent blogging code (the one this journal runs on) yesterday. His new code features cleaned up functions plus the ability for people to “TrackBack” log entries (is anyone with MovableType actually reading my Journal?). Anyway, that got me started on a bit of code hacking.

The result? Well among other things, now you can comment on my entries, should you so desire. Here's the scoop on everything that is new:
  • Full-fledged commenting system with “Remember Me” support (uses cookies to remember your name, location, etc.).
  • MT-style navigation bar inside individual entries, allowing you to easily move chronologically through the journal.
  • Cleaned up front page, which mimics the style used by MT as well as Slashcode, PHP-Nuke, or SAFARI. Basically, it displays the first paragraph or two of the text, and then lets you go to a seperate page to read the rest. Additionally, the “table of contents” has been removed.

I may add a bit more over the next few days. If time permits, I should add XML RSS syndication very soon. Well, enough from me for now… but now that you can, why not comment?

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RE: It works: Come and Comment

Oops, sorry, I see you already have one - combined with the homepage field. Sorry, didn’t notice that. :)

Some problems… “Remember my information” didn’t seem to work for me just now, I needed to type my details again for this second comment. It’s not a cache problem, I tried refreshing it. I guess it might be my ad-blocker being too smart for its own good, but normally it’s quite good about that.

Also, your “separate page” thing is cutting off some important HTML elements - for example, in the last post, it cut off the closing [/i] tag (I had to replace the chevrons with square brackets to make it show up in the preview), so the rest of the page shows up in italics… what MT does is it has two boxes, one for “main text” and one for “extended text”. The main text shows on the front, with a link to the whole thing - main and extended.

Otherwise, great work - well done! I’ll surely incorporate your changes into my journal when you consider it done. :D

Posted by Ciaran - Nov 24, 2002 | 4:11 AM- Location: England, UK

RE: It works: Come and Comment

Testing cookies…

Posted by Ciaran - Nov 24, 2002 | 2:06 PM- Location: England, UK

RE: It works: Come and Comment

Hi Ciaran, I think I solved the problems you mentioned. The cookie issue was due to an error in the way I setup the Set-cookie header… at least IE didn’t like it (fortunately, or in this case, unfortunately, I don’t use IE ).

Anyway, I took your suggestion and moved to the two box system like MT has, as my “smart” divider did produce some ugly results. Switching the the two box system did cause me to break compatiblity with your original data format though… however all that you need to do to get everything going again is add an extra line feed for each entry.

Anyway… it’s nice to have comments. :-)

Posted by Tim - Nov 24, 2002 | 9:40 PM- Location: Not here, but maybe over there.

RE: It works: Come and Comment

Actually, I don’t see compatibility as a problem. Just check how many fields are on each line, and if you’ve got the full monty, use them as expected; if you’ve got one less, use the first one as the full text. :)

Posted by Ciaran - Nov 25, 2002 | 4:52 AM- Location: England, UK

RE: It works: Come and Comment

I use MT and I am reading your journal. Thanks for the link. I have added a link to your site. Thanks again!

Posted by Christopher - Nov 26, 2002 | 10:14 AM- Location: MO

RE: It works: Come and Comment

Greetings Neighbor![] Your welcome. Thanks for your link, I really appreciate it! I’ve been enjoying your journal the past few days since I found it over on Sakamuyo Network. (I’m a Missourian too)

Posted by Tim - Nov 27, 2002 | 12:06 AM- Location: Not here, but maybe over there.


Comments on Tim’s additions to the journal code.

Posted by Ciaran's Journal - Dec 03, 2002 | 9:54 PM- Location:

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