Predestined Not to Comment?

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:27 AM

Well, after reading Christopher's interesting post on election (as he guest blogged on another blog through BlogSwap), I wrote up a post on my thoughts on the subject, including some concerns about what the doctrine of election means to other parts of the Bible. Unfortunately, the post disappeared. I guess I must have closed the web browser window it was in (I had several tabs opened, maybe I switched tabs and then closed the whole thing) or something, because it is gone now.

Oh well. Maybe I'll write something up again another day.

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RE: Predestined Not to Comment?

Isn’t it odd? We know that the word means something because it appears as the proper translation for something written in the Word. Yet there is so very much dispute as to what it means, because there is a high degree of vested interest in maintaining one meaning or another. So the word becomes a political football in theological discussions. Folks end up saying they don’t believe in it. What they mean is they don’t accept their opponents’ definition of it.

Personally, I think the fight arose when men tried too hard to make the Scripture completely logical by Western standards. We forget that God Himself is a paradox by those standards, so no surprise His Word contains paradox. The Word says we are both elect and free.

Posted by Ed Hurst - Jul 18, 2004 | 2:44 PM- Location: Rural SE Texas

RE: Predestined Not to Comment?

You are right, Ed. What I meant, is I don’t necessarily agree with the Calvinist doctrine of election, not the references to the “elect” in the Bible. My original post handled that, but it disappeared into oblivion.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Jul 19, 2004 | 1:39 PM- Location: MO

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