By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:50 AM

I needed to setup a new web hosting account for someone today. Sounds easy enough. Of course all of my welcome message templates were stored in Evolution, which wasn't working (none of GNU/Linux was because I am in the process of reorganizing my disk). So, I had to speed up my reorganization, move 30 GB (or so) back onto GNU/Linux — which took forever even over Fast Ethernet, alas my PC doesn't have Gigabit nor does my router — so that I could get to the mail message. It finally just completed, so I can get that account setup before I go to bed.


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RE: Sheesh

One thing I like about Evolution is that it stores its mails in a sort of hybrid between Maildir and mbox format. If you look in your ~/evolution/local/Inbox directory, you’ll find an “mbox” file containing all the mails in that folder in plain mbox format. Any subfolders are in the “subfolders” directory, with the same format.

I know this information doesn’t help you now, but I hope it helps in the future. :)

Posted by Ciaran - Jul 09, 2004 | 5:07 AM- Location: England, UK

RE: Sheesh

Let’s chase that rabbit even further. The two things I despise about Evo is (1) you can’t just check one account at a time, and (2) you can’t set the precise wrap width for outgoing messages. The preset might be sane, but it’s just a bit narrow for my taste. When those things can be set from a menu click, I may consider using Evo.

Posted by Ed Hurst - Jul 09, 2004 | 2:04 PM- Location: Rural SE Texas

RE: Sheesh

Ciaran: Thanks, that’s good to know.

Ed: Those are kinda weird things that are missing, but overall, I like its features (and speed compared to KMail) enough to live with them. After two weeks of “flying solo” with Apple, while my Linux box was out of commission due to lack of time, I might like that even better (its blazingly fast thus far), but Evolution does a good job overall. I’m looking forward to Evo 2.0.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Jul 09, 2004 | 2:21 PM- Location: MO

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