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I knew the National Council of Churches was an extremely liberal group that has been promoting ecumenism with non-Christian religions to the point of minimizing the necessity of Christ, but I still was surprised to see just who one of their member groups is. I thought all of their members were the (fading) mainline denominations like the UCC (my old denomination, ABC and PCUSA… but they have the Amercian Swedenborgians in there too! Mary Baker Eddy would probably be hurt that they didn't want a few scientists to go along with the mystics.

Nothing like adding a weird sect/cult to your group to help in the credibility department! Yes sir! That's sort of like the other thing the NCC seems to be up to: spamming my e-mail box. They subscribed my webadmin address from my church to their daily newsletter without my requesting it.

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Spam is an awful blight, and I’ve written extensively about it in articles and on my own blog. The most insulting spam of all is religious spam. “It’s alright; we’re spamming for God!” Whatever god they claim, it usually isn’t the One I serve. If they weren’t so impotent and laughable, I’d tend to identify the NCC/UCC as the Beast of John’s Revelation.

Posted by Ed Hurst - Jun 06, 2004 | 2:31 PM- Location: Rural SE Texas

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