Nichole Nordeman

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:36 AM
And all you ever wanted Only me, on my knees
Singing holy, holy
And somehow all that matters now is
You are holy, holy.

       — Nichole Nordeman, Holy

Well, I popped in the Nichole Nordeman CD I mentioned in my last post, yesterday, and it is every bit as good as I hoped. Nichole has a real talent for not only singing, but writing. Much of her music is quite and reflective, other, like Holy (above) is fast paced. All of it is very hard to get out of your head. :-)

The CD seems a bit Jewel-esque to me for some reason. I'm not exactly sure how, but it has some of the same lyrical qualities, IMO. Anyway, I really like this CD, and am anxious to get some time to sit back and listen through the whole thing again. The CD just flows together beautifully, and I was pleased to see the songs Nordeman did not sing at the concert were just as good as the ones she did. It also survived the fact that hearing the songs in a concert built up my expectations for the CD - yet I was not disappointed at all, infact I was thrilled with the CD.

Anyway, go get this CD. I highly recommend it. Nordeman's songs will definately go on my list of favorites.

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