What Happened

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:27 PM

Well, over the past day, I've come to understand a lot more about what happened to Open for Business yesterday. Unfortunately, the same cracker hit my friend and colleague Dennis Powell's Linux and Main site today. While I'd like to post more about what happened, I'm still gathering a few things that I don't want to mess up by saying too much, so I will probably need to wait until tomorrow before I can say exactly what happened (or at least what I think happened).

It's a good day overall, though, I've figured out WAY more than I expected concerning the issue. I hope to have the issues on the site resolved in the next few days rather than a few weeks. That's very good news to say the least.

Tags: Comp/Tech

RE: What Happened
Glad to hear that it was a good day. I am certainly curious as to what happened and I'm patiently awaiting that post. ;) Hope things continue to work out in this little debacle.
Posted by Pressed - Apr 16, 2004 | 12:46 AM

RE: What Happened
(Speaking from Outside the Loop) Um, I didn't hear about this. I did hear about it at several other places, especially places running on Linux. It causes me to suspect there is a concerted effort, but for what purpose I can't guess. Either one or two very talented miscreants, or some evil cabal... or who knows what? All I can suggest is that it would be foolish to call it an isolated incident. Something ugly is afoot, and we now find ourselves in the crosshairs.
Posted by Ed Hurst - Apr 16, 2004 | 1:30 PM

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