Religion and Science

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:42 AM

It is often argued that Religion and Science are mutually exclusive domains. Generally speaking people assume Religion is made of faith, and science, reason. I was at a religion debate earlier this week, during which this subject was brought up.

The participants mostly agreed, as did I, this assertion is false. Science, while supposedly always willing to admit something as false, actually is built on a lot of faith. Abiogenesis and Evolution require a lot of faith. However, even every day science requires faith. Faith that 2+2 will always equal four. Faith that this universe has some actual “laws” and is not a bunch of ungoverned archiac events that can not be studied. Faith that everything exists and isn't just a dream. All this is required before we can move on to a “real” study of science.

Isn't that the way it is with religion as well? As Christians, we must have faith there is a God. We must have faith that Jesus' death was enough to atone for us. However, just like science, our faith also applies reason. It is reasonable to believe abiogenesis is impossible, and evolution is a simply a device for Secular Humanism to displace religion. Natural revelation reveals a beauty in this earth that can only be from divine orgin.

So, the next time someone suggests that science is much more reasonable than religion…. Remind them that all science requires faith, and most scientists need a lot more faith than one needs to accept the Bible. The burdon of proof is on science - whether they admit it or not. Quite frankly, acceptance of God is the only truly scientific response to the evidence we have.

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