The Passion of Christ

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:31 PM

I just watched Mel Gibson's interview on ABC News's Primetime. It was pretty good. Gibson for the most part did a good job conveying a remarkably Evangelical standpoint. I'm looking forward to the film, although I hear it is incredibly draining to watch.

Gibson also had a good sense of humor during the interview. He said, when asked if he was going to get back into movies, that he wanted to get away for a while — go where no one could find him. “You know where that is? Where no one can find you? I figure I'm going to set up my tent next to weapons of mass destruction — then no one will be able to find me!”

Did he say that he'd like to kill a New York Times columnist, have his intestines stuck on a pole and kill his dog? “Yes. Although I really regret that statment about the dog. I'd never want to hurt a dog.”

Moving back on the subject… It will be interesting to see how one of the first major Christian motion pictures in decades impacts the nation. I hope, at the very least, it makes people think about more important matters than we generally do… if only for a short while. Maybe it'll be just enough to get them started.

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RE: The Passion of Christ

I agree it was, as a whole, very good. I was disappointed to hear his stand on whether or not there was one way to Heaven.

Posted by Josiah - Feb 17, 2004 | 8:51 AM- Location: Lanham, MD

RE: The Passion of Christ

I agree it was good. I also agree with Josiah. I chill went down my spine when I heard him say that about how to get to heaven.

Posted by Michael - Feb 17, 2004 | 7:38 PM- Location: sullivan, missouri

RE: The Passion of Christ

I’d have to agree with both of you on that. I wanted to listen to it again to make sure I understood right, but unfortunately I lost my recording. sigh

I suspect this would probably have something to do with a belief in Purgatory, if I’m not mistaken.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Feb 17, 2004 | 11:03 PM- Location: St. Peters, MO

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