Iowa Voters Prefer Kerry, Edwards; Gephardt Considers Quitting

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:41 PM

Iowa Caucuses for the Democratic presidential nomination are wrapping up. According to CNN, over 90% of precincts are now reporting. As it stands, John Kerry (D-Mass) is nabbing 38% of the caucus votes.

John Edwards (D-N.C.) a rising star of recent weeks nabbed a second place finish with 31% of the vote. National poll leader Gov. Howard Dean (D-Vermont) came in a surprising third at just 18% of the vote. However, perhaps the biggest shocker was Rep. Richard Gephardt's (D-Mo.) fourth place finish, giving him just 11% of the vote, according to

Gephardt, a long time representative of St. Louis, Missouri, was expected to be one of two contenders (the other being Dean) in Iowa, a state he had won in his last presidential bid (1988).

CNN reports that Gephardt's weak showing in what was generally considered “his territory” will lead to his announcing a Withdraw from the race.

The no. 2 leader in the polls, Rt. Gen. Wesley Clark (D) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Con.) both made little or no showing in the caucuses, perhaps a reflection of the fact that both skipped campaigning in Iowa and concentrated on New Hampshire, where a primary contest will take place next Tuesday.

Sen. Lieberman appears to be the most conservative of those running, offering a platform far less extreme than those of Gov. Dean and Rep. Kucinich (D-Oh).

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