Glider Fun for Free

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:46 AM

Here's something for any and all Mac or Windows users who read this blog (just curious: how many Mac users read this blog anyway — I know there's Kevin…). Anyway, here's what I found: the publisher of Glider, that classic of classic games, has gone out of business. The program's other has decided to give the current versions away.

Glider Pro X is the latest version and works on Mac OS X 10.x. I actually bought a copy of this a few months ago and never got around to installing it (I was planning to do it this weekend). There is also an old copy of Glider 4.0 for Windows and Mac OS available if you don't have OS X.

If you aren't familiar with Glider, it's an amazingly fun little game where you attempt to fly a paper airplane around the dangers of a house. Hazards include paper shredders, flat surfaces and flying thumb tacks. As stupid as that might sound, the game's simple concept makes it very playable and as enjoyable today as it was a decade ago. If you haven't played it before, go download it and give it a try — it's worth a few minutes of time. Now if only there was a GNU/Linux version.

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RE: Glider Fun for Free

It’s an amazingly annoying game that kills all my blasted planes!

Posted by kevin - Dec 13, 2003 | 1:54 AM- Location: Camas, WA

RE: Glider Fun for Free

I take it you’re gliders aren’t doing so well, eh? ;-)

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Dec 13, 2003 | 6:56 PM- Location: MO

RE: Glider Fun for Free

Maybe we can convince them to GPL it and then FOSS can port it to Gnu/Linux

Posted by Josiah - Dec 15, 2003 | 9:40 AM- Location: Lanham, MD

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