Political Views (Part II)

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:22 PM

Last night when I posted my Political Compass results I lightly speculated on why my score might have taken such a dramatic change. The more I think about it, the more I wonder exactly why that is. I really don't think I've changed my views enough to move me 1/4 of the way over on the scale! In fact, I really don't think I've changed my views much at all the more I think about it. I wonder if perhaps I was feeling cranky the night I first took it and picked tougher standards or something. ;-)

I'm still not sure what to make of the scores at any rate. I'm certainly not politically much like Tony Blair — at least I didn't think I was. Nor am I what most people would consider a centrist. I guess what keeps me from the far right is that I am not totally laissez-faire in my views — I support antitrust actions (Microsoft should never have gotten away with everything it did, for instance). I also don't mind the government subsidizing certain useful things such as museums.

But… I also supported those things last summer when I was 2 points more conservative according to the compass. Was it a fluke? Something else? Hmm. If anyone else has tried the compass multiple times, I'd be interested in knowing if you've noticed sizable fluctuations.

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RE: Political Views (Part II)

I just finished the test for the first time, my results were as follows: Economic left/right -5.25 Libertarian/Authoritarian 1.95

Im not very familiar with this. Is this bad or good? or in between? All I know is I came close to the pope john paul except I was slightly more to the left. but I was also slightly more to the right and way to the south of Hitler.

Posted by David McGlone - Nov 10, 2003 | 7:32 PM- Location: Columbux

RE: Political Views (Part II)

hey, they put me squarely Libertarian/Center … which, we know better … the quiz itself is a little flawed. mainly because it’s so vague.

Posted by Tony Rosen - Nov 10, 2003 | 8:33 PM- Location: Houston

RE: Political Views (Part II)

David: Well, I guess that depends on your perspective — your definately on the left, though. If I’m not mistaken I think your Economic rating puts you near Marx. I personally prefer to be a right wing libertarian (which I am by just a smidge), but… what can I say? :-)

Tony: Well perhaps it just shows that us “conservatives” really are in the center of where things should be. ;-)

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Nov 10, 2003 | 11:39 PM- Location: MO

RE: Political Views (Part II)

I am still far right!!!! Praise God!

Posted by jake - Nov 12, 2003 | 11:49 PM- Location: USA

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