I made it!

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:40 AM

Well, if I don't count the fact that my one post was a comment/post “in exile” while the server was down on the 16th of October, I have succeeded in posting every day this month. I've been meaning to attempt this ever since Christopher accomplished the same feat in February.

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween yesterday. Did you get many Trick-or-Treaters? I probably had 35-40… my uncle, who lives near by, got about 80!

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RE: I made it!

And you did it in a month that wasn’t shorter than most! Congrats. My parents had no trick or treaters. It has been an ever dwindling number ever year.

Posted by Christopher - Nov 02, 2003 | 12:50 AM- Location: MO

RE: I made it!

Ok this is motivation. I’ll try to beat that record by a month. So for the next 2 months I have to post in my journal consistantly every day. Oh boy this is the biggest commitment I’ve made since my wedding day ;-)

Posted by David McGlone - Nov 02, 2003 | 11:00 AM- Location: Ohio

RE: I made it!

Good job Tim. By the way, I just checked in on Blogshares for the first time in a while and noticed you are now the Chairman of the Board over at sophorist.com. Do I get to keep my job?

Posted by Sophorist - Nov 02, 2003 | 9:41 PM- Location:

RE: I made it!

Christopher: Thanks! Your month was shorter, but I only had to go three more days than you.

David: That is a big commitment. Maybe I’ll try for that too. ;-)

Sophorist: Yikes! I didn’t realize how much of Sophorist.com I owned. I’ve just been happily buying away… I guess you can keep your job — but I get a cut of any bribes you receive.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Nov 02, 2003 | 10:02 PM- Location: MO

RE: I made it!

With 40 days it was easy for me to post every day in October. I am up to 38 days right now and have 18 more to go in the 40 days study. We will see if I can keep it up or not after the 40 days is over.

Posted by Michael - Nov 02, 2003 | 10:32 PM- Location: sullivan, missouri

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