Got Purpose?

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:13 AM

Here's something for those of you participating in the 40 Days of Purpose… My “Got Purpose?” wallpaper, based on the similar design by PurposeDriven and Outreach Marketing for signage. It's on a GNU/Linux (or actually, KDE) art site, but it should work on any OS. It's not terribly fancy, but I thought I'd just mention it — you can get it here.

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RE: Got Purpose?

Very nice, Tim.

Posted by Sophorist - Oct 14, 2003 | 12:38 AM- Location: MO

RE: Got Purpose?

Hey Tim, I love it! I made it my background. I need to talk to you about Linux. I tried it before (Mandrake), and never got stuff working (modem.. etc..), but would like to try it again someday.

Posted by Jake - Oct 14, 2003 | 3:55 PM- Location:

RE: Got Purpose?

I have purpose now! Thanks Tim.

Jake, Tim was very helpful for me, at one point I have a dual booting system set up because of his directions but then my computer stopped booting (totally unrelated to linux install).

Posted by Christopher - Oct 14, 2003 | 5:25 PM- Location: MO

RE: Got Purpose?

Thanks everyone!

Jake: Just let me know when and I’d be more than happy to get you started with GNU/Linux. Mandrake is an excellent choice — in fact, I know a very good flavor of Mandrake for ya. :-)

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Oct 17, 2003 | 7:04 PM- Location: MO

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