New Day, New Blogs

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 3:14 PM

Well, I seem to be on a blog adding mode at the moment. I've added two new blogs that I think should make nice additions to the blogroll.

  • David's Journal - David McGlone is a friend of mine I met, hmm, I can't remember any more! Anyway, I met him a long time ago on the SuSE-Linux-E mailing list, and he has since been on other mailing lists I'm on, most notably's own ChristianSource and OfB-Talk mailing lists. He's new to the blogosphere, so give him a hearty welcome!
  • DogfightAtBankstown - This looks like an interesting blog from down under with a wide array of stuff. “Saint in a Straitjacket,” the writer, stopped by and commented here a week or two ago and I've been reading the blog since then. I like it!

Have a nice Saturday afternoon!

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RE: New Day, New Blogs

Wow thanks Tim. As you can see, I’ve been dropping by regularly here too!

Posted by saintinastraitjacket - Oct 04, 2003 | 3:18 PM- Location:

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