The Rush of News

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:15 AM

Unless you've managed to avoid the media today, you've surely heard the big news: Rush Limbaugh, the country's most listened to talkshow host and conservative commentator, appears to be tangled in a illegal pharmaceuticals scandal. Rush hasn't confirmed either way yet (of course) if he is guilty or not, but the fact that he doesn't deny the allegations and his tone of voice today makes me wonder.

There's also another interesting (in a horrible way) detail. According to that Fox News report, two of the alleged drugs associated with the accusations can damage hearing. If you recall, Rush lost his hearing very rapidly almost two years ago and received an implant to restore his hearing. I'm not sure, but that sounds like a rather large coincidence to me.

At any rate, I'm not saying all this to kick Rush while he's down. To the contrary — I feel sorry for Rush. Behind the bold statements of the man who “keeps half his brains tied behind his back just to make it fair” is a real human being that no doubt has some real problems staring at him at the moment.

Perhaps in the most bitter of ironies, Rush's attacks on President Clinton for, among other things, drug use, has come back to haunt him. There is nothing quite as horrible as getting accused of doing something you yourself have accused others of, although that is part of the experience of being human I suppose.

I hope the situation turns out to be less than it would appear. Rush, in my estimation, is one of the few conservative political pundits that doesn't have major issues — previously, that is. Unlike characters such as Bill O'Reilly, Rush has been on friendly terms with conservative Christians. I have also admired his willingness to stick out against the flow, even complaining about Republicans when they fail to follow conservative principles.

Yet, here we are. Assuming the situation is as it appears, I just hope Rush handles it well and can get his problems straightened out. If he handles these issues well, I, for one, will have no issues with continuing to be a “Dittohead” in the future.

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RE: The Rush of News

I heard about this last night on the news. It’s really is hard to not wonder if the media makes a lot of that stuff up. I dunno, but I hope things work out for Rush, even though I don’t listen to him.

Posted by David McGlone - Oct 04, 2003 | 9:02 AM- Location:

RE: The Rush of News

Yeah, it could be — I hope at the very least it is exaggerated… after all, the source of information is partially the National Enquirer. Yikes! Although the fact that Rush doesn’t (yet) deny the charges makes me wonder. We’ll see, perhaps he’ll say more on Monday — it could be that its best not to say anything to avoid making a legal mess. :-\

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Oct 04, 2003 | 3:24 PM- Location: MO

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