Turn Which Way

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 8:13 PM

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One of the things they made a big deal out of in seminary was not to preach “be like” sermons. The Bible (intentionally, I believe) is full of stories that show the flaws in the individuals whom God uses, not cleaned up “heroes” we should model ourselves after — that role is left for Jesus alone. That said, the church at Berea is an interesting anomaly of sorts: all we know about them is that they were “noble” for their eagerness to examine the Scriptures and that they responded in belief. To be called to “be like the Bereans” is to be called to be eager to dig into God's Word. That's a great thing and that's what we explore in Acts 17:10-15.

Watch This First

I reference this video in the message, so you'll probably want to watch it first.

Sermon Notes

Big Idea: We should always turn to _________________________ .

  1. We should _________________________ His Word _________________________. (v. 11a)
    1. Where could you learn from other believers this week?
  2. We should _________________________ His Word _________________________ (v. 11b)

Two Temptations:

  • The ___________________________
  • The ___________________________
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