One Better

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 3:00 PM

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For the last six years, I have had the joy to share God's Word the Sunday after Christmas (seven years ago, my first Christmas as a pastor, I shared a message the Sunday before Christmas). For this year's message, I felt led to turn to Hebrews 1:1-4, a beautiful, powerful description of the one born in Bethlehem. Now that the Christmas rush has died down and we find ourselves on the sixth day of Christmas, let's dig into more about the one who came to save us on that first Christmas morn.

A Note for Listeners

The sermon makes use of several slides of pictures. I've included them below the sermon notes, if you wish to see them.

Sermon Notes

Text: Heb. 1:1-4

Big Idea: Jesus is better than ______________________________________.

  1. God _______________ to us fully in the Son's _______________ (v. 1-3a, 4)
  2. God _______________ us by the Son's _______________ (v. 3b)
  3. God _______________ us through the Son's _______________ (v. 3c)

Pictures referred to in the message

Opening Illustration on Christmas Decorating

Too often despite my best intentions, our decorations end up looking like this:

But, we don't want that, so we end up looking for the opposite of Charlie Brown's tree: Clark Griswold's tree.

However, no matter how grand, it only takes something going wrong to reduce even that best of plans to ashes.

Closing Illustration about My Office Christmas Lights

Notice the arrow pointing to the pesky bulb that was out, right at my eye level.

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