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I preached on Romans 8:28-39 at Grace PCA this weekend. These are some of the most beautiful words ever written and ones that I've found myself interacting with a lot these past few weeks. In this message, we look at how they are meant to assure us of God's already finished work that we cannot yet fully see.

A Note for Listeners

The sermon makes use of two videos — an opening “bumper” video and one during an illustration. If you would like you can watch those so you'll know what is being referenced:

Sermon Notes

“[God's] favor alone is a sufficient solace in every sorrow, a protection sufficiently strong against all the storms of adversities. And on this subject there are many testimonies of Scripture, which show that when the saints rely on the power of God alone, they dare to despise whatever is opposed to them in the world.” — John Calvin

The________________ we face can make us doubt God's call for us.

  1. God's purpose is ________________ for us.
  2. God's goal is ________________ for us.
  3. God's love is ________________ from us.

Main Point: No matter what we face, ________________________________________________.

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