Did the NYT Falsify Tesla Review?

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:36 AM

From Tesla's Response to the New York Times report of the Tesla Model S falling short in milage:

The logs show again that our Model S never had a chance with John Broder. In the case with Top Gear, their legal defense was that they never actually said it broke down, they just implied that it could and then filmed themselves pushing what viewers did not realize was a perfectly functional car. In Mr. Broder's case, he simply did not accurately capture what happened and worked very hard to force our car to stop running.

Surely the NYT would never allow something like this to occur on its pages.

Update: Broder provides an interesting defense against Musk's charges. I'm curious to see if anyone ever manages to determine what really happened.

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Re: Did the NYT Falsify Tesla Review?

I read a lot of back and forth and some independent analysis. Someone else tried the same trip without any problems, and it seems to boil down to Broder not giving the car a proper recharge to 100%, but taking off at only 70%. It’s a separate issue that Musk made too much of too little.

Posted by Ed Hurst - Feb 16, 2013 | 1:28 AM- Location: All Creation is a tool for His glory.

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