Are You A Conservative Christian?

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:20 PM

A site called the “Internet Monk” raises some thought provoking questions on the faith-political merger that is a “Conservative Christian.” In particular he wonders if we spend more time listening, reading and watching conservative news and opinion sources than we do studying and applying Scripture. OK, I'll admit it, I've definitely been guilty of that sometimes!

This guy hits the nail on the head concerning a number of issues, I think. First, while we should be interested in politics, they aren't the end all be all or shouldn't be (and while he doesn't say this, the question I have asked myself — especially since the Iraqi conflict started this spring — is, am I more worried about my particular political ideology being spread or the Gospel being spread?). In many cases politics are essential and we should deal with them to keep our freedoms (which in turn allow us to spread the Gospel), but we should also make sure they don't become our “Ultimate Reality,” in other words, we don't want them to become an idol.

Secondly, its nice to see someone speak out against Bill O'Reilly. Here's a guy who has called pro-family and pro-life advocates “fanatics.” He's compared these people, such as former homosexual Stephen Bennett of Stephen Bennett Ministries, to the radical fringes of Islam. He got upset with one interviewee, I think it was Jerry Falwell, for insisting that Christ is the only way to receive salvation. This guy might be a fiscal conservative, but he is very liberal on many social issues, and it is sad to see Christians endorsing the guy as he rips apart Evangelical Christianity.

My only big beef with the article was on his comments about Rush's theological views. I could be off base, but from what I've read in his books and elsewhere, I think Rush is a Christian. The cows will still probably come home before Rush starts having a Bible verse of the day on the EIB Network, however.

Anyway, I thought this article was interesting. I'm not going to drop politics. I'm still going to listen to Rush Limbaugh when I can (I haven't be able to lately). However, I thought it was a thought provoking article and well worth a few minutes to ponder.

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RE: Are You A Conservative Christian?

Wow. Excellent article. While I wasn’t in complete agreement with everything that he said, I think he made some good points. As I see it, it’s okay to be political, but only through a Christian perspective. Instead of politics shaping our lives, we need to let Christ shape our politics (and every other facet of life). Cool article. Thanks for pointing it out.

Posted by le renard subtil - Sep 04, 2003 | 10:00 AM- Location:

RE: Are You A Conservative Christian?

Your welcome, I thought it was a good one. I’m with you that I don’t agree with it completely, but its definately food for thought.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Sep 05, 2003 | 12:43 AM- Location: MO

RE: Are You A Conservative Christian?

Well said renard.

Posted by Sophorist - Sep 05, 2003 | 12:43 AM- Location: MO

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