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Apple's decision to keep the 3GS available is huge. Previously, Apple has only kept two generations of iPhones on the market at any given time. But, keeping the 3GS out there shows that the company wants to compete at every level of the smartphone market, not just the high end. With the iPhone now on three out of four US carriers and available in low-end, middle and high-end configurations, Apple has “finally” declared all out war on Android.

Time will tell a lot: much of Android's growth has been due to its multi-carrier availability and wide range of pricing. Now what will be its shtick?

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Re: War

Android’s shtick:

  1. It’s not Apple.
  2. Built-in voice command that works.
  3. Hardware choices.
  4. Software doesn’t have to be vetted.
  5. It’s not Apple.
Posted by Caedmon Michael - Oct 06, 2011 | 1:41 AM- Location: prayer + patience + poetry

Re: War

I think 3 is key, overall. And, 1/5 is notable for those who have Apple-phobia, but I don’t think the majority of the market any longer.

I think Siri kills 2, so far as I can tell. Android’s voice control is nice, but nothing amazing in my experience. (Nor as seamless as iOS’s long time voice control features, albeit much more powerful than that which is in iOS 4).

Posted by Timothy Butler - Oct 06, 2011 | 5:41 AM- Location: Blah.

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