The Blizzard that Never Was

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:20 AM

Last night was the first time I can recall hearing a blizzard warning for anywhere around the St. Louis metro region. For days there has been talk about the destructive ice, snow and wind headed to the area. There was enough fear with the storm presently crossing the midwest that many businesses closed today that usually would not for mere snow. We as a city were prepared.

But, the blizzard did not come and only a few inches of accumulation happened.

I didn't want to get hit by anything severe that did great damage, but somehow after all the hype, this little snow storm seemed anticlimactic — like a story that builds up great drama only to invoke deus ex machina to fix it all in a most sensational and unsatisfying of fashions.

Oh, well, the snowfall was pretty today.

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