TV Trojan

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:52 AM

I still think that the Apple TV as it has now been unveiled is a trojan horse for the company (not of the malicious software kind, however). If this thing sells enough units — and at the new price and design, it very well could sell that mystical figure known as “enough” — one can easily see people begging for a SDK to develop apps (especially “casual” games) for it.

And, like the original iPhone, Apple can act like its arms are being twisted and then “relent” by doing what it intended to do all along. Right now, launching with an app store might be embarrassing. The current Apple TV hasn't been that successful (by Apple's own admission) and so interest could be tepid. Just look at how hard of time Apple had getting the major networks to support its new TV rental scheme (just two did). Unlike its other devices, people aren't begging to be involved on the Apple TV. Yet.

But, this device, with its Netflix streaming support and iTunes compatibility, could easily sell well. And then, in Steve Job's lingo, “boom.”

Re: TV Trojan
As Jobs said in the speech, people aren't asking for a computer that hooks to their TV. I think apps for the apple TV will have to be of a different sort than those for iphone/pod/pad. The exception, as you mention, is games. Screen resolution and human interface would need to be figured out, but I'm guessing someone's already done the figuring. Game Center on AppleTV could rock, especially if the games are connected to those on our other devices, so I can continue my game on the bus that I started on the TV.
Posted by Caedmon Michael - Sep 02, 2010 | 7:47 PM

Re: TV Trojan
All the pieces seem in place, don't they?
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Sep 03, 2010 | 6:28 AM

Re: TV Trojan
Interface with the TV is the only missing piece. An apple remote isn't going to cut it and they can't expect all users of appleTV to own an iPhoadne. The new bluetooth trackpad? I'm not sure how well that sort of interface will work for gaming when it's not on the screen. A traditional console controller? Even the traditional consoles are moving away from that? Something new and entirely unthought of that will revolutionize all gaming and make PC users drool? Sweet!
Posted by Caedmon Michael - Sep 04, 2010 | 12:05 AM

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