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By Tim Butler | Posted at 12:45 AM

It does not add a lot of functionality just yet, but if you would be willing, would you please sign up for an asisaid Account? I am testing my newly minted user sign up and authentication system, part of the “project” I've been working on this summer.

Once you get your account and sign in using the sign in form located above the box to leave a comment on any entry, you'll notice that the comment area will show you signed in rather than giving you boxes to fill out with your name and so on. The information you normally would have typed (or that could optionally be stored in a cookie) will now be stored on the server, associated with your account profile.

It doesn't sound like much, but it required some hefty architectural changes to my codebase.

Thanks to any willing “beta testers.” 20 asisaid points for giving it a whirl.

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