Another Semester Gone

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:51 AM

It is amazing to me that I have completed another semester of seminary. Semester six of eight. There is something profound to me about that particular number. I think it was the same way in college. Hitting the three quarters mark symbolizes having made it through not just a simple majority, but really the bulk of things.

It is not that suddenly I am getting a false sense of security about seminary. And, as much as it feels good to accomplish things, I find myself of mixed feelings that I am this close to being done. But, in any case, in another year, I will be done with that “project.” It feels like I just started.

Actually, thinking back, maybe that's not odd — some conversations around Christmas finals times in college seem like they were just yesterday (Jason Kettinger can read into this if he wishes). I looked up an e-mail conversation I had with a professor in December 2005 tonight and found myself amazed it was that long ago.

But, here we are about to enter the second decade of the new millennia. And therein lies another interesting observation. The '10's will be the fourth decade in which I have been present for at least a portion.

Time's winged chariot flaps rapidly forward.

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