Economics and the Environment

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:01 AM

KMOX today featured Dr. Ken Chilton, director of the Institute for the Study of Economics and the Environment (ISEE) at Lindenwood University, on its program talking about global warming and what economists can tell us about that subject. Take a listen here. It is an excellent interview that is well worth your time.

Dr. Chilton is a mentor, a friend and a dear brother in Christ. I first met Dr. Chilton six years ago, when he happened to be the advisor on duty at Lindenwood taking care of working up a first semester schedule for freshmen business students — he helped me come up with my first semester schedule. I had the honor of being one of Dr. Chilton's students in a couple of classes, as well, one two years after that, and another a year later. The neat thing about this interview is it gives you a real taste of what he taught in his “Economics and the Environment” class (BA 383) in just twenty minutes. Now if only his complete lectures were online, but even this is an exciting opportunity for you to “meet” Dr. Chilton. Check it out. :)

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