Sony's α is going to be an Α soon.

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:46 AM

Wow, Sony is really getting serious with their α (alpha) line of Digital SLRs. I've been predicting as much since they first released the A100 a couple of years ago, but if you are in the market for an SLR, check out the really impressive looking new A300 and A350. Both of them sound almost more exciting than the A700, despite the fact that they are in a lower part of Sony's product line. What a nifty sounding live view AF system — really, you should check these guys out.

When I was trying to decide which DSLR system to jump into last year, I had a really hard time resisting Sony's α (alpha) line. I decided when looking at the A700 that the Canon EOS 40D edged it out by a bit due to its better noise control and faster speed (and I've been very happy with my decision), but it's clear Canon and Nikon have some major competition coming from Sony, so do give them a look if you're shopping for a camera. :)

Question What kind of camera do you “shoot” with? Post your answer below, if you'd like. Right now, I'm dividing my shooting between the Canon, my Sony Cyber-shot H1 (superzoom) and my Apple iPhone (not the best, but I always have it with me). All have their good qualities that help getting the most — and best — pictures possible.

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