Sorry to Go All Political

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:30 PM

If you aren't into politics, or at least are tired of my little campaign for the best candidate on the field, Mike Huckabee (sorry, I couldn't resist), I promise to talk about something else later tonight. Bear with me on one more post tonight as I analyze the CNN debate tonight.

UPDATE:Think Huckabee is irrelevant? Check out this quote concerning tonight's debate from Bill Schneider of CNN. The Huckabee campaign is alive, well and energized. Help me raise $100 for the Huckabee campaign by giving a Buck for Huck here.

Who won? Perhaps Ron Paul, but certainly Huckabee came close as well. Both Congressman Paul and Gov. Huckabee are presenting exactly the kind of thoughtful, issue focused remarks people need to hear. Sadly, CNN's Anderson Cooper ignored the two of them most of the time — leading to a lot less interesting debate primarily between Romney and McCain. Quite frankly, I think Romney took the night from McCain after a poor start — of the two, McCain came out looking like a spiteful, dirty campaigner and Romney like the guy trying to defend his own, good record. Given Romney's record of negative campaigning, that's ironic, but McCain brought it on himself. I hope people saw the exchange tonight, saw Huckabee's continuing wistful, lighthearted humor and Rep. Paul's continuing out-of-the-box thinking and maybe will decide to vote for someone other than the two dirty campaigners. - I Like Mike!

I hope, when they do, they will vote for Gov. Huckabee, a candidate that actually has a chance of winning matched with his helpful, forward-looking vision. If not, sure, tip a vote into Ron Paul's box and at least show the GOP that we like hearing about issues.

Remember, Huckabee has the best pro-life, pro-family record. He will eliminate our messed up tax system. He will bring to Washington a positive message of hope and change. He is a true compassionate conservative, not just one that wears a label claiming that title. Let's get Huckabee over the top.

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