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By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:17 AM

First off, I forgot to mention, but last night, we at Open for Business published our endorsement article for the presidency. It may or may not be what you expect, check it out here. - I Like Mike!

I've just seen the latest Rasmussen poll and Gov. Huckabee is still leading McCain in Missouri, and Missouri is not the only state where there is hope. Why not contribute to the Huckabee campaign right now? Here's a convenient link. Why not sign up and become a Huckabee Ranger while you are at it?

Even if McCain gets the most delegates, it is important that Huckabee gets as many as possible. If we can help Gov. Huckabee get as many delegates as possible, we will empower him to push for the exciting plans of change he has been talking about. He may still be able to nab the nomination, but what if he does not? Well, more delegates help to push Huckabee towards running mate status as a worst case scenario. A McCain-Huckabee ticket would be incredibly powerful. But, first things first. We need to get Gov. Huckabee as many votes as possible.

Mike Huckabee represents a clear vision for the Republican Party. It is time to get the Grand Old Party back on track. It is time to remind people that we are the party of small government. We are the party that respects life. We are the party that respects people. We are the party that respects liberty. In times of economic trouble, no party is better suited to the job at hand than the party that will apply sensible, conservative solutions. We need to offer those conservative solutions. If the Republicans do not, who will? Certainly not the Democrats.

Just to admit it, on the Democratic side, I'm favoring Sen. Clinton. If we must have a Democrat, I'll take for more years of the Clinton administration. But, the problem is that she isn't offering the solutions the country needs any more than the other Democratic candidates. The time is right for a real conservative (something President Bush, sadly, has not been). Huckabee has conservative values, but he also knows how to engage issues important to Democrats — this will help him in the general election again Clinton, Obama or Edwards. Sen. McCain has this same quality, yes, but Gov. Huckabee has a stronger conservative base that will allow him to do so without causing the core of the Republican party to feel disenfranchised, a risk I feel is very real with McCain.

I like Mike! I hope you do too.

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