This Blog Rated

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:59 PM

Yes, folks, you can come here and browse safely without needing a “v-chip.”

What rating is your journal?

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[Thanks goes to Susan for the link.]

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RE: This Blog Rated

PG-13, just as I have always claimed. :D

Posted by kevin - Jun 30, 2003 | 12:00 AM- Location:

RE: This Blog Rated

I thought I’d get a PG for saying that I’ll say what I think. What did you do to get PG-13? Should I be concerned about visiting your site in the future? ;-)

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Jul 01, 2003 | 12:58 AM- Location: MO

RE: This Blog Rated

I occasionally use bad language. (I think I’ve used a really bad word exactly one time.) Mostly, I think it is the content, itself. I deal with mature themes. I write about issues and subjects that you might not want your small children to read. I also have a tendency to not pull punches and just say what needs to be said. It’s not vulgar or obscene, just adult.

Posted by kevin - Jul 01, 2003 | 2:53 AM- Location:

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