Greek is Finished

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:15 AM

Well, last night, I turned in my last paper for my last Greek class. Including the title page, two page bibliography and appendixes for the final translation, text criticism, sentence diagrams and word/translation analysis, it rang in at 26 pages. (The actual main body text was something like 14-15 pages.)

It was the culmination of the most intense class I've ever taken. I worked countless hours on it, spending as much time as I could in previous weeks trying to assemble it (although the group project that included a presentation and 25 page paper, as well as translation of 1 Corinthians took precedent since they were due first), and basically did nothing but work on it over the last week. Despite that, I've never cut a paper so close to the deadline as this one: I finished the final draft at 5:35 and it was due at 6:15 yesterday — and I'm the type of guy that likes to have a paper finished at least 24 hours in advance.

That's when my computer started acting up and the printer messed up.

I caught the first set of errors, but not the second set after I sent the print job to my printer from my laptop. A lot of the Greek on the second print had been replaced with little square blocks. I did catch it on the way to Covenant, went to my godmother's house and e-mailed the paper so at least it would be in on time in some form. She journeyed with me to Covenant and gave me some moral support as a desperately tried to reformat the paper (it turned out the second set of errors was from the lack of various fonts on my laptop that I did not have easy access to install). The paper's sentence diagram was all scrambled up and had to be reformatted for the fonts on my laptop before it could be printed. Finally, I got the hard copy to print and delivered the paper to my professor's mailbox.

What a relief. This has been a Greek “bootcamp,” I do believe.

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Re: Greek is Finished
Congratz on surviving what sounds like a harrowing and yet an academically challenging experience! I finish French on Thursday!
Posted by WTM - Aug 25, 2007 | 1:45 PM

Re: Greek is Finished
Thanks! Congrats about French. Your course sounded quite harrowing as well. So, how did it go? I'm considering taking such a French course in a few years, it'd be good to hear from someone "on the other side." :)
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Aug 25, 2007 | 3:50 PM

Re: Greek is Finished
Congrats on finishing. That deadline reminds me of Harvard's business school. The papers are due on Saturday, at 5 PM. You slide your papers into a slot, like the after-hours slot at the library. They go down a chute to the basement, into a box. At 5 PM, the box is locked by the janitor. On Monday morning, the professors go down and retrieve the papers, and the ones on top of the locked box get docked a letter grade for lateness.
Posted by Mike O - Aug 25, 2007 | 5:24 PM

Re: Greek is Finished
The French course wasn't bad. French is actually a pretty easy language to learn how to read - much easier than German in that regard.
Posted by WTM - Aug 26, 2007 | 8:49 PM

Re: Greek is Finished
Okay, I'm a little slow, but I usually browse with Elinks and can't operate your captcha that way. CONGRATS!:mrgreen:
Posted by Ed Hurst - Aug 27, 2007 | 5:23 PM

Re: Greek is Finished
WTM: That's good to hear. Ed: Thanks very much!
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Aug 28, 2007 | 5:36 AM

Re: Greek is Finished
Nope, Greek is never "finished." Your former Greek teacher is watching. :lol: :roll:
Posted by Robert Wermuth - Nov 04, 2007 | 11:58 PM

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