...or maybe not.

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:49 AM

Well, before installing Jaguar I wanted to get my PC's monitor hooked up to the iMac so that I could insure that Jaguar didn't drive the screen at the wrong frequency (the thing that kills iMacs, or more correctly, kills their displays). Well, it seems that the VGA port for some (idiotic) reason is placed behind a small grate that must be removed by plying it with a screwdriver. Okay, I don't like prying on things, but I can do that. Oh, but wait, I also need a new grate (according to Help) that has a hole in it so that I can connect the VGA cable. I don't think I need that grate, but just to be safe, I figure I should go get that grate first. There was suppose to be one in the iMac accessory kit, but one of the casualties of a used system is that these kind of things aren't included. Oh well, off to the “macstore”…

Tags: Comp/Tech

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