I'll Be Returning Shortly, Hopefully (Insert More Adverbs Here)

By Tim Butler | Posted at 10:58 PM

Well, as I posted on my Facebook status:

Timothy is celebrating that “ἡ δευτερη θλιπσις της κοινη ἑλενικιας εστι τελος” (the second tributation of Koine Greek is finished).

Less cryptically, I finished the second exam for Greek class. These are take home exams, but they are on the honor system as closed book and limited to 2.5 hours in length. I ended up taking less than an hour to complete the exam and another forty five minutes or so to do two checks of all my answers.

So, given that, I might have a bit more flexibility of time. Plus, spring break is next week. After Friday, I'll be off from classes until Monday, March 26. On that day, one of my two classes is canceled, so I just have an evening class. Then, the next day of class (Wednesday, March 28) is canceled for “campus day,” meaning my first full day back will be two weeks after spring break started (Friday, March 30). Then, to make things even more interesting, I have both Good Friday and Easter Monday off, and I never have classes on Thursdays or Tuesdays, so I'll have another week off about a week later. With all the time off, hopefully I can catch up on stuff for my seminary classes, plus get some other things done. :D

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