Park Side Mini-Mart

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:33 PM

I know what all of you are asking. “Tim, if I happen to be driving down Hwy. 47, by Cuivre River State Park, where should I stop to get a nice, tasty lunch?” Well, of course, I have an answer for that most frequently asked of questions: the Park Side Mini-Mart. It's a little Sinclair gas station that looks, uh, decrepit. But, amidst the standard convenience store stuff, and some fishing supplies, you'll notice a little deli area. Between October and April, they have home cooked chili every day, which can be served a number of ways — I recommend the $3.00 Frito chili pie (cheese, fritos and chili). It is the best chili pie I've had the pleasure of eating.

But, they tell me that their most popular food item is the cheese burger. It looked good too, and they make the patties there rather than having some kind of pre-pressed burger, although I've not yet tried one. I have tried their french fries, which are crinkle cut and reminiscent of some little diner — that is, they are really good, if not terribly healthy. Deli sandwiches? Yup, they have them. Pizza? Yes, apparently they even have a breakfast pizza. They even have some kind of cheesy cauliflower dish. I found out today they've actually been at this business for thirty years.

So check 'em out next time you are just outside of Troy. I think you'll be pleased.

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