Writer's Blo

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:44 AM

With the start of seminary, I've fallen pitifully behind on Open for Business. My big problem is that it is a small operation: there are only four writers on the masthead. While Ed carries a lot of the load of keeping fresh content on the site, I really need (and want) to keep posting my voice on OFB's esteemed pages as well.

The problem is that I seem to have a case of writers blo. Not writers block, but writers blo. Now, you might ask, “what in the world is writers blo?” So, let me tell you: it is hitting the equivalent of writers block about half way through each article. I have a whole bunch of stubs of articles, where I get a really good idea, but seem to lose momentum and cannot seem to come up with the supporting themes to make the piece work. As I write this, I have two partial articles sitting on my desk, yearning to be finished. One of them hopefully will be done for a Monday publication. But, right now it sits there, just taunting me.

Hey, maybe I should have written an article on writer's blo!

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Re: Writer's Blo
I have a similar "problem". However, I have an unusual solution. First of all, I put all my "writing projects" on google docs. Go to Google (as in www.google.com). under the "e" in Google, click on "more", then click on "even more". Halfway down the right column is "Docs & Spreadsheets". Click there (and open a google account, if need be, it's free) and put all your stuff there. My job has computers all over the place. I have to be at work on time, and can't punch out early, and I get two coffee breaks and a lunch break. All together, about three hours of spare time. Sometimes, a coworker might be looking for Corvette brake pads, or even use the computer for "company business", but for every time that happens, I get a "yard shift" with about six hours of spare time. With google docs, I can grab the document and work on it all thru the day. Working on it piecemeal has some advantages. I get to reread my stuff and edit it (I sorely need an editor). If the breakroom is noisy (usually in baseball and football season), I just throw words on the page, and edit it later. But, as "Bird by Bird" says, first drafts can be a small step (up or down) from fertilizer. I have a lot of little projects - I like gadgets and like to make them. So, I often throw all the pieces in a shopping bag (I prefer paper), and all the tools in another, and do them on breaks, if the weather is nice. My Volvo station wagon has evolved into a mini-workshop. At work, we can hang out in the parking lot, as long as we keep our walkie talkies on. But, it's rainy season. And I get to write. When it rains, I come indoors, and type.
Posted by Mike O - Feb 25, 2007 | 3:45 PM

Re: Writer's Blo
Not a bad idea, Mike. I've not played much with Google Docs. Perhaps I'll give it a look see. Thanks! Sounds like you make very good use of your spare time...
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Feb 25, 2007 | 9:03 PM

Re: Writer's Blo
Yeah, last night turned into a lot of spare time, about three hours worth. I managed to write most of an article (actually only a letter) I plan to submit to a magazine. Today, I have the same shift, only skewed by 40 minutes, so I'll get to finish it up. (Maybe!) But the google docs let you work on a document from anywhere - work, library, friend's computer, Mac, PC, ... (By the way - that "Barth" entry above this bloglet - it's cut off and hidden on the right side by the column of links.)
Posted by Mike O - Feb 26, 2007 | 7:29 PM

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