Hat Tip to Carl Jung

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:39 AM

For my Spiritual and Ministry Formation class, we did a packet of “diagnostics tests” to determine our personality type, evangelistic style and other interesting things. Later this semester, Dr. Douglass will then talk with each of us and help formulate an idea of where best to aim in ministry.

At any rate, one of the first tests was none other than the famous Myers-Briggs test. I know I've done that before, but I cannot recollect what my personality type was. Whatever it was, this time I came out INFP. I was probably something similar before. I had always been skeptical of the personality type test, although listening to how well Dr. Douglass seemed to be describing me when he talked about typical INFP traits, I've gained a new respect for the test. Here's the actual breakdown of my “score:”

If you'd like, take the test here and then post what result you received.

Re: Hat Tip to Carl Jung
I hate these things. I am ENTP, which is rather correct, anyway. However, I find many false dichotomies in the questions.
Posted by Ed Hurst - Feb 20, 2007 | 3:04 PM

Re: Hat Tip to Carl Jung
Maybe the point to discerning how correct things are has more to do with how we respond -- even to bad questions -- than with the questions themselves...
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Feb 20, 2007 | 6:13 PM

Re: Hat Tip to Carl Jung
MBTI Distribution It shows that both of you don't fit the standard cookie cutter Chrisitan mold. MBTI types fall into three categories - big groups (the four SJ's) make up the vast majority of Christians. The eight medium size groups (all those with P) are almost as common in the general population, but are significantly outnumbered in the church by the SJ's. So, both of you almost fit the church, but you struggle. The four smallest groups - the NJ's - make up about ten percent of the population, but less than one percent of the church. That's me - and we're the ones who create these tests.
Posted by Mike O - Feb 20, 2007 | 7:03 PM

Re: Hat Tip to Carl Jung
In my browser, I notice the "P" is cut off, and hidden by the black links column. But it does print out the P = 11. By the way, I'm an ENFJ (almost ENTJ - like Tim - right on the border)
Posted by Mike O - Feb 21, 2007 | 12:35 AM

Re: Hat Tip to Carl Jung
Say - looks perfect!
Posted by Mike O - Feb 22, 2007 | 7:04 PM

Re: Hat Tip to Carl Jung
Thanks, Mike. Interesting statistics, as well, thank you. In the said class, 51% are NF's. In class, I was told that NF is typical of pastors and systematic theologians. SJ is common among "Biblical theologians" (i.e. those that are primarily interested in verse by verse interpretation). Interesting stuff.
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Feb 22, 2007 | 8:02 PM

Re: Hat Tip to Carl Jung
Oh, my! Very nice new layout, Tim. I'm impressed.
Posted by Ed Hurst - Feb 22, 2007 | 9:48 PM

Re: Hat Tip to Carl Jung
Thanks, Ed! :D
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Feb 23, 2007 | 4:08 AM

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