Hat Tip to Carl Jung

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:39 AM

For my Spiritual and Ministry Formation class, we did a packet of “diagnostics tests” to determine our personality type, evangelistic style and other interesting things. Later this semester, Dr. Douglass will then talk with each of us and help formulate an idea of where best to aim in ministry.

At any rate, one of the first tests was none other than the famous Myers-Briggs test. I know I've done that before, but I cannot recollect what my personality type was. Whatever it was, this time I came out INFP. I was probably something similar before. I had always been skeptical of the personality type test, although listening to how well Dr. Douglass seemed to be describing me when he talked about typical INFP traits, I've gained a new respect for the test. Here's the actual breakdown of my “score:”

If you'd like, take the test here and then post what result you received.

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