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By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:28 AM

Well, I'll write more about the exact details soon, but it ended up not being until today that I got my schedule finalized at Covenant. I am now set to start my first class at 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning. I'll have Tuesdays and Thursdays off to do work and studying, with the other three days fairly full.

It is not an ideal schedule, but the every-other-day arrangement saves some commute time, and I think will be a good thing by and large.

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Re: Scheduling Things
Commute time - that's what the VW is for ! :) How far is your home from the campus? Is that 8 AM class a hassle with traffic? It looks like a possible reverse commute? Seriously, (and this may be too soon to ask) do you form study groups and get together between classes? I did it in engineering and business school, I don't know if that paradigm fits a seminary?
Posted by Mike O - Jan 24, 2007 | 2:23 PM

Re: Scheduling Things
Well, rats, I lost the comment I tried to post last night. You are right about the VW. :) The campus is about 14 miles away, which translates into about a 20-30 minute drive in good traffic conditions. It should be worse at 8 AM, but I'm not quite sure how much. I live by a new, major bridge over into St. Louis county, which does not yet jam up during rush hour -- it just gets busy -- but some of the side roads beyond that point might. There are more direct routes, but all of them _do_ jam up during rush hour, and will only get worse with some major highway construction that will shut down one of the two main interstates in town for three or four years, starting next year. They do have study groups/small groups that they strongly encourage students to be in. In fact, for a class I'll be in next fall, it is mandatory. I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing this spring, however.
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Jan 25, 2007 | 9:30 PM

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