Opening the Open Door

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:54 AM

So, as I predicted, I broke down and purchased Evanescence's new CD, the Open Door. I was doing some Christmas shopping on, and they had new releases for $7.99 — how could I resist?

So far I like it. In an odd way, it seems more upbeat than their previous works (relatively speaking, as you will understand if you know Evanescence). I decided not to listen to the whole CD in one sitting, so listened to the first four songs. I had already heard “Call Me When You're Sober” on XM Flight 26, right after the single for it came out in August or September, so there weren't any surprises there, but the songs around it were very well developed. Like Fallen, the CD has a very connected, polished sound that avoids the feeling that certain key songs were meant for single status and everything else was left in rough form.

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