Free Coffee

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:43 AM

So, I went to Starbucks today and ordered an Iced Venti Latte through the drive through window. I had the money out and was ready to pay by the time the barrista came to the window. She took a little while, but not that long. When she did finally come, I thought it was odd that she did not ask for my money before handing me the coffee, however after giving me the coffee, she told me that the drink was on the house since they had been slow! Indeed, the service wasn't as fast as it is sometimes, but it was still nothing to sneeze at.

That's good customer service for you!

Re: Free Coffee
Starbucks usually annoys me. My first time in a Starbucks was a Sunday morning, when my last church plant was trying to do a study/outreach. I was far more interested in something quick, rather than a particular drink. I waited in line 20 minutes to order a lemonade, thinking I'd get it right away, but no! 20 more minutes. Plus, the senior pastor had his lippy, mouthy son there, and that added to the negativism. The second time, a friend called me, and he was running late. I asked him what he wanted, and I ordered what he wanted, and when he arrived, handed him a capuccino. He wanted a Frappucino, which I had never heard of. (Tho it was a good cappucino). Most of them are acoustically live, and that makes conversation difficult. However, the weather here is almost always nice, and outside is rarely not an option. Expensive? Yeah, but if you can figure out how to sell coffee for 3 bucks a cup, more power to you!
Posted by Mike O - Nov 19, 2006 | 3:00 PM

Re: Free Coffee
Starbucks around here seems to be a lot more pleasant. :) My family stopped after church this morning, and we waited in line about -- oh -- maybe five or seven minutes total to get a few Gingerbread Lattes, pumpkin donuts and a bag of coffee beans. Frappucino is good -- it's a blended ice drink. They take a slightly thick coffee and put it in a blender with ice. If you ever go to Panera Bread (known as St. Louis Bread here in its home town), they have a similar line of drinks known as "I.C." It is somewhat pricey, though not compared to similar places. Most coffee shops charge $.20-$.40 more than Starbucks for a Latte, in my experience, and Starbucks is notably better than all but Nordstrom's eBar.
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Nov 20, 2006 | 3:14 AM

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