Time to post

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:02 AM

Well, I guess I should post something. I'm beat. Being Mother's Day and all, I did some BBQ'ing for my mother and grandmother (and the rest of the family) and now I'm worn out. It was good though. I used a combination of Sweet Baby Ray's and Maull's barbecue sauces to get an ideal flavor. Yum. Of course, any post about the last few days needs to include mention of the weather…

It sure has been stormy. My “alarm” yesterday morning was the outdoor weather warning system (interestingly enough, it seems they've given up on having a voice go along with the siren — that was really impressive when they did that for six months or so). Anyway, the storm produced tornadic-like “spin” not too far from here, but nothing touched down that I know of.

The Weather Channel guys where probably disappointed, they had positioned someone in East St. Louis so that the arch would be a backdrop to their broadcast. I guess maybe they thought it would be exciting to watch the arch get vacuumed up by the storm. Maybe not. Whatever the case, they claimed they got a photo of the arch being struck by lightning. I'm not sure if it really was, it looked to me like the lightning was actually behind the arch, but if it did hit, the TWC reporter assured us that it wasn't a completely unusual event.

You know, that makes me wonder… how long before we see “embedded” meteorologists? It might be fun to watch the report of a meteorologist from within the cyclone. With the reporters all set for a natural edition of “shock and awe” in St. Louis, an embedded reporter would have fit in fine. Or, then again, maybe not.

At any rate, I ought to quit blogging now as I can tell my humor may go off the deep end of quite soon now, if it hasn't already. Tim, out.

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