Reformation Day and Halloween

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:15 AM

Boy, I could go one of two ways with a post on a day such as this. In fact, I think I'll just cover both ends by linking to things.

Regarding Reformation Day, as I've said before, it is useful to see it as a reminder of what we should do today, not as a day of remembering old dirty laundry between parts of the one, catholic Church. I may not agree entirely on doctrine with my (big C) Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ, but I don't dwell on today as a way to further divide us. The division is an unfortunate part of the story of this day, and one that we are at least repairing somewhat as Protestants and Catholics continue to work together more. Today, the Reformation is a reminder that we should always be reforming our doctrine so as to avoid, to use a favorite term among my English Lit friends, “the signifier slipping from the signified.” The ever thoughtful Ed writes to that end on OFB.

For Halloween, check out this morbidly amusing video, entitled “the Life and Death of a Pumpkin.”

Happy Halloween and Happy Reformation Day!

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