Force of Good

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:06 AM

Volkswagen has a savvy marketing department to say the least. A few months after my parents purchased their Passat, which features a special slot to hold an umbrella, an umbrella arrived in the mail as a free gift from VW. It was the kind of thing that added a new surprise to a car that was several months old already.

Apparently, VW must do this for all of their cars. The other day I received a colorful little box from the company. In keeping with the company's theme that the New Beetle is a “Force of Good,” they gave me a Force of Good kit. It has handy things for “doing good,” such as bandages, floss, a pen (that can be lent in a pinch) and hand sanitizer. Yeah, it's nothing major, but it is kind of fun, and a nifty “owner loyalty” idea.

It makes me feel like, well, doing some good.

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