Some Hope Abandonded

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:52 AM

Well, it didn't go nearly as well as I hoped. I know I messed up on at least a few IPA symbols when writing out how sentences should be pronounced (and other bits of that may be wrong — it is very hard to sound out words properly when you can't make any sounds), and a few other things are questionable. I'm just hoping things are better than they seemed.

I'm not sure if they did, but by gaging the mood of everyone after the class, I think if the professor is merciful enough to grade on a curve it should not be too bad. I hope. It was probably one of the worst “feeling” tests I've taken, though.

I guess I'm only in the 8th circle or so, so I won't get to see any stars tonight… good news when I get it back would solve that, though. ;)

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