What a Deal!

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:02 AM

American is having a warehouse sale at the moment. I went there today to see if there was anything terribly useful I might need that was on sale (last time they had this sale, I ended up with two Mac Mini's, as some may recall).

Well, I did not find much, but I did leave carrying $0.02 worth of merchandise. No, you didn't read wrong; I said two cents. For whatever reason, American had little kits from Nikon that consisted of a strap to attach to a camera (to go around one's neck), two lithium batteries and a roll of 35mm film. I don't recall American ever carrying a 35mm SLR, but that's what these little kits were intended to go with. At any rate, the strap seemed useful enough, in case my Sony one would ever wear out, and perhaps the batteries could come in handy too, so the Nikon kits had a buyer for one penny a piece.

I probably should have bought a protection plan to cover the purchase… ;)

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