By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:39 AM

I've been spending too much time lately posting about posts I'm going to do “tomorrow.” The good news is, whenever you read those posts, tomorrow is still, well, a day away, which means I'm never late. :P But, on the other hand, I do actually want to finish my Barth series, continue my literary criticism series and post my hot air balloon pictures from last night's Balloon Glow. Oh, and answer the meme Eduardo tagged me for.

I went through my balloon glow photos tonight, but I need to make another pass through my favorites of the 650 so that I can avoid posting too many of them. A lot are duplicates with subtle advantages for one or the other depending on which balloon you are focusing on. At any rate, hopefully by tomorrow (there's that word again!) I will have something to show for my visit to Forest Park. I'm also going to at least complete Eduardo's tag by tomorrow. The rest will come “real soon now.” ™

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